Mole Drain Plough/Subsoiler Singleleg

Suitable for tractors from 80HP upwards.
Mole drain attachment forms a 4" (100mm) mole drain.
Subsoiler easy fit attatchment available.
Easy fit water pipe laying attatchment which lays water pipe at depths adjustable from 12" (300mm) to 21" (530mm).

Mole Drain Plough/Subsoiler - Singleleg


Mole Drain Plough/Subsoiler - Singleleg

  • Strong hallow section frame.
  • 30mm thick hardox leg with replaceable front edge.
  • 12" to 21" (300mm to 530mm) quick and easy depth adjustment.
  • 12mm thick disk coulter with greaseable bearings at each side and with built in depth wheels.
  • Long body for safe reaching into open drains, holding depth and for fast reaching of depth from surface starts.
  • Rock bucket tooth tip, (Cat 215) easily changed and widely available.
  • Long body for safe reaching into open drains.
  • Rock-Bucket tooth tip- widely available and easy to change. ( cat.205)
  • Mole draining 4"expander has a "pull" pipe laying bracket as standard.
  • Subsoiling wings 10" (250mm) wide available.
  • Swan neck pipe layer available. 2" (50mm) inside diameter through which 1 1/2" (40mm) outside diameter pipe can easily slide.
  • Quick and easy interchanging of different attachments
  • Free (no obligation to buy) delivery anywhere in Ireland.

Click for Mole Plough Subsoiler Pipe Layer Video